Computer Sciences Engineer | 20+ years experience

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  • My professional profile is focused mainly in develop administrative solutions over Internet; however, due to my creative nature I’ve developed efficient solutions into several areas, including large enterprise systems (web, server – client, etc.).
  • My objective is contribute with new applications over internet, researching and applying new concepts on each develop.


  • Complete and flexible developer.
  • Focused to solving complex tasks into settled deadlines.
  • Committed, organized, efficient, proactive.
  • Cooperative team member, compromised and creative.


Senior  Tech Developer, Tecnova Ltd. Santiago, Chile. (May 2013 – Today)

Developing the new corporative web site of Travel Club, this is an important Chilean company that depends of Bank of Chile holding.  Travel Club processes all benefit programs of customer’s bank, providing services as a travel agency, retail and related services.  This project is Drupal Based, using workflows, revisions, and integrating with custom modules all systems used for this company (Sell online fly tickets, hotel reservations, interact with custom internal software, CRM, etc.).  Also supporting technical decisions for implementation and issues detected.

Senior Web Developer, Freelance. Worldwide. (Jan 1998 – Today)

Working on freelance projects as partner of several Web based business and with direct customers, I have my own business of Web-hosting and Programming Services, in this way I’ve developed several projects for Universities and many kind of organizations in Chile, USA, Spain, New Zealand, Colombia (Working remotely using Skype for meetings).

Drupal Consultant, Tecnova Ltd. Santiago, Chile. (Aug 2012 – Jan 2013)

Working as a Drupal Consultant for a regional Chilean government Portal.

Developer Engineer, Tinet S.A. Viña del mar, Chile. (Mar 2012 – Apr 2013)

Developing a web platform to apply custom validations over processes launched by a MQ Queue send by Cobol application to this new J2EE Application, showing online reports to users, this application was developed for a customer of TINET S.A. Called DCV (Center Deposit of values) a company that manages the custody of mayor stocks of the country. Technologies used J2EE, Sybase.
Improving a web system for managing shareholder meetings, managing assistance, and quantity of stocks associated for each shareholder, voting records and all process of integration with centralized database of DCV. Technologies used J2EE, Sybase.
Developing a data capture application for android tablets used by Unimarc, the 3rd biggest supermarket holding in the country, this application was created to get information for new incorporation of costumers that want to get the company credit card.

Support Engineer TINET S.A. Santiago, Chile. (Aug 2011 – Feb 2012)

Working as a support engineer for Web applications in J2EE, PHP, C#. For Metlife (insurance company), CCNI (sea shipping company), Socofar – Cruz Verde (one of biggest pharmacy holding in Chile)

Senior Web Developer, Avity INC. – DreamStaffing LLC. New Haven, CT. USA. Telecommute. (Feb 2008 – Jul 2011)

Web programming and coding HTML + CSS +Ajax. As a Senior Web developer had the opportunity to work in several Web projects in a wide range of levels. Starting with basic Web sites of this company to complex systems. For example Central Parking USA,Yale University Sustainability Office, Global Granite, New Haven Symphony orchestra Web sites.

Senior Web Developer (Consultant), IronPaper INC. New York, NY. USA. Telecommute. (May – Aug 2011)

Developing Drupal modules for enterprise customers.

Senior Web Developer (Consultant), Up and Running Software. Ames, IA. USA. Telecommute (Jun – Dec 2009)

Developing web sites over several platforms.

Senior Web Developer (Consultant), Admedia Studios. Barcelona, Spain. Telecommute. (Sep 2008 – May 2009)

Programming and coding Actionscript + PHP + HTML + CSS + Ajax. Working with CMS (WordPress – Joomla). Developing web Applications for several Spanish enterprises.

Software Developer, Dukay Laboratory. Santiago, Chile. (Jul- Nov 2009)

Developing an accounting system for this enterprise using .net as base programming language.

Professor, IPCC Institute. Santiago, Chile. (Mar 2007 – Aug 2008)

Professor of the branches of Programming II (.net), Operating systems II (Linux), Operating systems I (Windows and networking), Databases (SQL Model). Internet Applications (LAMP and WISA) and Computer structure (Assembler) for careers of Engineers and system analysis.

Developer Engineer, EOL Research. Santiago, Chile. (Jan- May 2009)

Developing web and pocket PC (Palm) applications for market research, helping in automated process and guidelines for getting quality certificate ISO 9001.

CTO, Cibos Ltda. Santiago, Chile. (Jun 2001 – Aug 2007)

Co-founder of this company. Developing new applications mainly for the medical area. Generating new research and developing systems for important enterprises in Chile.

Networking support and BCI helping desktop, Infosoft Ltda. Santiago, Chile. (May 1998 – Feb 2001)

Helping with professional services into BCI Bank. Working in desktop helping and networking project into national area.