some of the web sites I have been involved are

Online WebSites

corfo.cl (front-end / back-end)
segurosripley.cl (front-end)
mipymepro.cl (back-end)
travelclub.cl (front-end / back-end)
sustainability.yale.edu (front-end / back-end)
cajondelmaipo.com (font-end / back-end)
cesarytamy.cl ( My own wedding website, front-end / back-end)

Offline, private or discontinued WebSites

Central Parking System Web site and location’s associated website
envaseachile.cl (chilean goverment contest)
pinkdingo.com (charity social network)
globalgranite.com (online catalog, front-end / back-end)
yaleglobal.yale.edu (Drupal 6 website developing Mobile Front-end)
avity.com (front-end / back-end)
dreamstaffing.com (front-end / back-end)
newhavensymphony.org (Custom CMS, front-end / back-end)